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How To Take Care Of Your Utah Granite Countertops

Granite is considered one of the best options for Utah countertops. It is extremely durable, has unparalleled natural beauty, and it's usability options meet or exceed most other types of countertops. Not only are they beautiful, they only take a small of amount of special care to maintain and they are highly resistant to the elements.

They are known for their toughness. With this fact in mind, there are a few basic tips to help take care of these types of counters.
They include:

1- Don't drop heavy items on them. Although granite is known for its toughness, it can still be chipped and broken, especially if something heavy is dropped on it.  Use caution when placing heavy objects on granite counters or if you're lifting heavy items over them.

2- Don't stand on them. Again, granite is strong, but it's not indestructible. Do not stand on quartz or granite countertops, especially near overhangs or the granite strip at the front of your sink or cooktop. The weight may simply be too much for the granite to support and it may break or crack.

3- Don't cut anything directly on them. Utah granite counters are extremely hard surfaces and very resistant to scratching.  Cutting on your granite tops will not damage the granite, but it will dull your knives.  We recommend the use of a cutting board to protect your knives.

4- Do not place extremely hot pots on them. Our Utah countertops are very heat resistant and unlikely to burn, scorch or crack. However, thermal shock or cracks may occur if the countertop is subjected to extreme temperature changes. It is recommended that you protect your countertop from extreme heat by using trivets or hot pads.

Cleaning Your Granite Countertops in Utah
To keep your counters looking beautiful, they should be cleaned on a daily basis. Here are a few tips for keeping your counters looking like new: 

  • Clean up. We suggest that you wipe them down with a little dish soap and water (3 drops to a sink of warm water) followed by a clear water rinse.  Dry the top after cleaning with a soft rag.  This helps keep surface dirt and dust away, and also helps keep your counters looking spotless. Don't wait too long to clean up spills. With some granites if you wait too long, the spill may soak into the granite and you may need a special cleanser to remove it.  Utah CountertopsNever use abrasive cleaners such as Soft Scrub.  Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners such as 409 or Fantastic.  Be careful with cleaners that contain alcohol, or those that dry faster than you can wipe them off.  They will often cause a buildup that can make them look dull. 

  • Buff it. If streaking has occurred, it may be helpful for your counters to be buffed.  Use an ordinary terry cloth towel to accomplish this.

  • Polish. Keep your granite countertops in Utah looking bright and new with stone polish.  It's designed specifically for these counters and will help prevent any staining.

  • Seal the surface. They are usually sealed when they are installed, but remember that a new application is recommended every few years. Professionals can be hired to accomplish this task or you can seal your counters yourself, just give us a call and we'll tell you how!

Maintenance. They require almost no maintenance and should remain just as beautiful as the day they were installed with minimal upkeep.  Remember it is a natural stone material, made by Mother Nature, and part of its beauty is that every piece is different. Each piece has its own personality and natural qualities.

The combination of expertise and advanced technology allows Utah Granite Countertops and Bedrock Quartz Surfaces to meet even the most pressing deadlines without compromising the quality of the product.

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